Welcome and thank you for visiting my website.

I started my consulting firm last year to utilize my technical skills, experience and training I acquired during the past 22 years.

While working for UPS (United Parcel Service) I returned to college to take computer science courses. Then, I applied, interviewed and was transferred to UPS’ Information Technology Department as a Technician. Within 2 years I was promoted to Senior Technician. I was assigned to the Anaheim, California hub and the Cerritos, California hub where I worked in the IT Department for 7 years. I provided hardware and software support, installation, and maintenance for over 300 computers, dozens of servers, scanning equipment, printers (laser and thermal) and retail point of sale terminals. The software support consisted of installation and troubleshooting of nearly 80 commercial suites, enterprise and corporate written software. Also, I played a key role in the initial deployment phase, which built the foundation to allow for automated sorting of packages.

I owned and operated a small computer repair service called “The Mobile Tech” for 3 years, where I specialized in small business and residential customers.

Fifteen years ago my family and I moved to Boise, Idaho and I worked for the Ada County Information Technology Department. I provided tier-2 support for desktop computers, laptops, printers and software.

Most recently I worked 11 years for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office in Boise, Idaho on a technical team, independent of the Ada County Information Technology Department as described in Idaho State Statute Title 31, Chapter 48, Emergency Communications Act. Our mission was to procure, deploy, and support all equipment used in the 911 Communications Center by 911 dispatchers. The 911 Communications Center answers and dispatches all 911 calls for all law enforcement, fire, and paramedic agencies in Ada County. I began my employment with the Sheriff’s Office as a Support Specialist for the 911 Technical Support Team in 2008. In 2013, I was appointed to a selection committee for a major project to find and procure a new multi-million dollar CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system, which replaced an antiquated CAD system first deployed in 1996. The three year process included reviewing 15 proposals from different vendors, narrowing the selection down to three candidate systems, visiting sites around the country using one of the three systems, making a final selection, entering in the contract negotiation and procurement phase, configuring the new system, converting data over from the old system, and training over 2,000 end users how to use the system for their specific role. The new CAD system went online in 2016 and I became the Administrator for the Sheriff’s new system, which is used by over 50 Dispatchers and over 2,000 First Responders on laptops inside of police cars, fire engine/trucks, and ambulances. I was promoted to Manager of the 911 Technical Support Team, where I managed personnel, multiple projects, all contracts, annual budget, and approved expenditures from a multimillion dollar fund. I left the agency at the end of last year to start my consulting firm.

I am also an Army Veteran, which during my time of service instilled discipline and attention to detail that remains part of my core values to this day. I now utilize my vast technical, customer service and managerial experience and skills to assist companies and public safety agencies with any technical needs.

If you would like to discuss how I can assist with your project, technical needs, upgrades, or if you are a service provider looking for a sub-contractor for a project, please feel free to contact me. You may reach me by phone at 208-761-6630 or email at john@johnmina.com. After understanding your needs, I will prepare a written proposal outlining exactly how I can help successfully and promptly complete your project. I am available nationwide either onsite, remotely, or a combination of both. Thank you for your consideration.

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